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Best Uses of Metallic Fabrics

Fashion Model Wearing Dress Made Of Metallic Fabric

Metallic fabric describes that which has metallic yarns woven into it or gives off a metallic sheen, creating a unique shine, pattern, or texture. Although metallic threads appear to be made of precious metals, they are more often than not made of polyester or only coated in metals. Metallic fabrics can be seen on the high-fashion runways as well as making up less expensive, fast-fashion looks. Metallic fabrics come in a wide variety of contents and prices, making it easily-accessible and fun for a designer’s collection.


Lame fabric is a woven quality that has thin ribbons of metallic fiber throughout. Lame fabric can often be found in costumes, dancewear, and club-wear. Lame fabrics are some of the most shiny, vibrant, and show-stopping pieces you can find. They are also relatively inexpensive. While they have a reputation in the costume industry, they can also be found in ready-to-wear collections that give off some 80s nostalgia. If you are wanting to make a statement - look no further!


Lurex is a unique fiber in which a metallic layer is melded around a yarn in order to give it shine. It is also typically seen in knits as well as bulkier sweaters. Lurex is easy to spot as it is usually among many other non-metallic fibers. Find lurex in holiday turtlenecks and New Year’s Eve pieces!

Glitter Fabrics

Glitter and Glitter Laces

Glitter fabrics use small pieces of glitter atop a fabric quality such as tulle, lace, or jersey. Glitter has historically been made up of a lot of things, but is typically made up of some form of plastic today. A popular use of glitter fabric is on tulle in prom, pageant, and even children’s dresses. Like most metallic fabrics, these will usually feel a bit itchy to wear, so a thin layer of lining is often recommended. Glitters can be seen in an allover style (as photoed), or the glitter can be concentrated into stripes, words, or any number of different patterns. Glitter is often also concentrated to lace on top of a base fabric quality. This will give a more elegant look and can often be more comfortable. Glitter is a versatile option for costume-wear, bridal, prom, and even every-day looks!

Metallic Appliques

An applique is a piece of embroidery, lace, or another novelty that is sewn or stuck onto a base fabric. Appliqued fabrics can look a lot of different ways, but almost always include beautiful texture and detail. Lace/glitter appliques and beaded appliques give a metallic finish to bridal dresses and evening gowns. This is an easy non-committal way to incorporate metallic shine into your collection. However, applique fabrics often require hand sewing and a certain level of artistry, giving them a slightly higher price tag than many other sparkling fabric options.


Foil fabric uses a method of fabric printing that results in a metallic color or texture. You will often see this technique when you see metallic patterns or even logos on more casual fabrics. Foils can be printed on stretchy fabric such as halloween costumes or t-shirts. A common quality for a foil might be spandex. Foil is a great option for metallics if you are wanting a good bit of stretch, where a tulle or lace may not be a good option. Foil is very versatile in that it can successfully make up a logo t-shirt or create intricate patterns on an evening dress. This is a comfortable and often casual way to incorporate a metallic into your line.

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