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How is Fabric Printed?

What is the Fabric Printing Process?

Printing on fabric is generally done one of two ways: either through digital printing or screen printing. Both styles can be found on our website and purchased immediately. We offer a wide range of different fabric prints in all categories and on numerous fabrics.

On the other hand, made-to-order printed fabric purchases will require a more-timely process. The benefit to going this route is that styles can be customized to how you see fit. You can give us a fabric design or recreate one of our fabric designs. All colors can be changed as well.

Benefits of Printing with Zelouf

The main benefits of printing fabrics with Zelouf is customization, efficiency, and the breadth of available fabric qualities and prints to work from.

As mentioned above, your print design can be customized to however you want it. We have an experienced print studio that can emulate any design you provide or tweak the color or designs of any of our styles. This can be done with ease and we will provide a printed sample (known as a fabric strike-off) to you to approve before we begin to produce your fabric order.

Zelouf Fabrics stands out because the fabric and design library that is available to our customers. Through the years we have developed over 20,000 print patterns that are all copyrighted. These styles can be printed on most of our fabrics. Moreover, our company has 4 printing machines in our warehouse so printed samples on these qualities can be provided immediately. We can also print bulk fabric yardages on these printers as well. We have a library of numerous ready-for-printing fabric styles to choose from, ensuring we have a quality to match what you are looking for.

What is Screen Printed Fabric?

Screen printing involves creating and using a screen with the intended design and utilizing it as a stencil for applying layers of ink on the printing surface. Rich and vibrant colors result because the ink is being placed directly on top of the fabric.

Moreover, screen printing on fabric is generally reserved for larger fabric orders because it requires high minimums. These minimum results from the fact that numerous screens with the design need to be cut to fulfill any fabric order.

Fabric Printer

What is Digitally Printed Fabric?

As opposed to screen printed fabric, digitally printed uses a large format ink-jet printing machine. This process is similar to computer printing, as it contains nozzles that squirt tiny ink droplets onto PFP (prepared for printing) fabric. This process is quick, and it is easy to change the colors.

The benefit to digital printing is that it slows for many colors ways and designs to be printed within one roll of fabric.

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