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ZS1807WW-2 PRINT YORYU | ZS1807WW-2-2222

ZS1807WW-2 PRINT YORYU | ZS1807WW-2-2222

$8.69 per yard

Color - EPN 4
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Contents: 100% POLYESTER

Weight-Gr/Sqm: 75.00

Width: 57/58"

Country of origin: CHINA

Yoryu Fabric is a timeless lightweight fabric with a soft, subtle texture. This typically comes as a chiffon and is sheer or semi-sheer. It is known for its “line” texture and natural crinkle. Yoryu is perfect for flowing blouses, dresses, beach cover ups, skirts and scarves.

The paisley printed fabric patterns consist of a teardrop-shaped motif with a curved upper end. These patterns can be any scale, multi-colored, monochrome, simple, or intricate, in a regular and repeating or varied, irregular, and seemingly random pattern.  Paisleys are typical traditional patterns that often are used in career, contemporary and casual wear.

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