Chiffon Fabric Uses and Benefits


Understanding different fabric qualities and their uses is essential to starting a project of any kind. Fabric quality describes the basic fabric type, while its content describes the actual fibers that make it up. Building your fabric knowledge will benefit your creative sewing process immensely, as well as save you time and money. Here we will discuss one major fabric quality: Chiffon.

What is chiffon and how is it made?

Chiffon is a lightweight, highly breathable fabric used in evening wear, bridal, lingerie, and accessories. Chiffon fabric contents might include silk, cotton, nylon, polyester, or rayon. The phrase “chiffon fabric” can describe fabrics of many different contents, but they all have a few things in common including their sheerness, weight, and weave.

Chiffon fabrics were first created in France as silk and arrived in the United States. They experimented with using other yarns such as nylon and polyester. Much of today’s chiffon is made of polyester to keep costs low and durable. While silk is a natural fiber that is very breathable and requires dry cleaning, polyester is synthetic, meaning it is made of chemical compounds.

How is Chiffon Used?

Chiffon is a staple in women's wardrobes, especially for special occasion pieces. You will often see chiffon in matching, layered bridesmaid dresses. You will also see sheer, ruffled lingerie, baby-doll sleeves on a sundress, wedding veils, and countless other delicate garments. To the dressmaker, chiffon fabric is a staple for evening wear, as it drapes beautifully with little effort. Don’t forget to line your chiffon garment, however, if it is not intended to be totally transparent. Typical lining fabrics for a chiffon garment might include a similar yet more opaque material, such as CDC, satin, crepe, or mesh.

What Kind of Chiffon Do I Need?

If you’re searching for a relatively inexpensive style with a bit of stretch, for a more casual feel, check out our Matte Jersey Chiffon colors. For a more ethereal, elegant look, you may want to consider Pearl Silk Chiffon. If you are planning to use chiffon as a lining or for a basic blouse, try Chinese High-Multi Chiffon. Looking for something novelty-like for a special occasion dress? Check out our Iridescent and Ombre Chiffon qualities. Always stay updated on our “Collections” page for the latest chiffons and other qualities that are available and trending for your next project or collection.

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What Kind of Chiffon Do I Need

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