3D florals are one of the most joyful and exciting trends this spring. These textiles are adorned with raised or textured floral embellishments, to create stunning three-dimensional floral designs that seemingly come to life. 

These appliqués aren’t just beautiful – with an open mind, they can be quite versatile, too. Fashion houses and small brands alike have embraced this trend across various clothing categories, from evening gowns and wedding dresses to tops, skirts, and even accessories like handbags and shoes.

To add depth, dimension, and a touch of whimsy to any garment or accessory, here are four 3D floral pieces you can make at home using Zelouf Fabrics. 


Wedding season is here, and 3D florals are an excellent way to make a statement, whether you’re a guest, a bridesmaid, or even the bride. Delicate, detailed designs like Zelouf Stella Border 3D Embroidery Mesh in Champage & Ivory can add beautiful texture and allure to a traditional wedding gown. Mesh is ideal for layering, and this fabric is a breathable and unique selection for adding dimension to your look. Pastel shades like seafoam and blush are excellent choices for sundresses or special occassionwear.

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3d floral wedding gown by Berta Bridal

A 3D floral wedding gown from Berta Bridal.


Nothing says “spring has sprung” like a 3D floral mini skirt. Wear yours out to a special event or dressed down for daytime with a denim jacket. For an extra flare, select a fabric that incorporates sequins, like our Zelouf Alyce 3D Floral Sequin Embroidery Mesh. The bright, monochrome florals design stands out gracefully while the sequins add a pop of shine. 

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Crop tops, wrap blouses, tube tops – oh my! There’s no shortage of ways to wear 3D florals this season. A statement top is a great way to try this trend without commiting to a full outfit, and you can dress it up or down depending on the occasion. A 3D fabric with an bold, embroidered border would make a beautiful bodice. Try Zelouf Asha 3D Flower Embroidery Mesh for a dreamy pastel piece you can’t stop wearing.  

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3d floral crop top from Lisa Says Gah

3D floral crop top from Lisa Says Gah.


To add just a sprinkle of 3D flowers to your wardrobe, why not make an accessory? Purses, gloves, tights and headbands are all trendy ways to incorporate the style and are fun projects to DIY. A floral fabric with lots of embroidery and detail would surely make your outfit pop, even on just a small piece. Check out Zelouf Jenny 3D Floral Glitter Sequin Embroidery. Its stunning vine detail and beautiful pastel shade range is sure to impress from head to toe. 

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