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Metallic fabrics are a surefire way to make a statement, whether in bold evening wear or as an accent in an everyday look. But how do you find the perfect metallic fabric, and what are the different types? Learn all this and more in our Zelouf guide to metallic fabric. 

What are the types of metallic fabrics? 

Fabrics that have a metallic or metallic-like appearance are often referred to by various names depending on the type of fabric and the specific finish. Some common terms used to describe metallic fabrics include:

  • Lamé: Lamé is a type of fabric that has metallic threads woven into it, creating a shimmering and reflective surface. It can be made from various fibers, including silk, polyester, or nylon.

  • Metallic Jacquard: Jacquard is a weaving technique that allows intricate patterns to be woven into the fabric. When combined with metallic threads, it creates a luxurious and textured look.

  • Brocade: Brocade is a richly decorative woven fabric that often features metallic threads, giving it an opulent and ornate appearance.

  • Foil Fabric: Foil fabrics are created by applying a thin layer of metallic foil onto the surface of the fabric. This can result in a bold, reflective, and high-shine finish.

  • Sequined Fabric: Sequined fabrics are adorned with small, flat, reflective discs called sequins, which are often made of metal or plastic. These fabrics can create a dazzling and eye-catching effect.

  • Metallic Knits: Knitted fabrics with metallic threads incorporated into the yarn can create a subtle shimmer or a more pronounced metallic effect.

  • Glitter Fabric: Glitter fabrics contain particles of glitter or metallic material that are applied to the fabric's surface, creating a sparkling appearance.

  • Shiny Satin or Silk: Some satin or silk fabrics have a natural sheen that can resemble a metallic look, even if they don't have actual metallic fibers.

These terms are often used interchangeably and may vary depending on the context and the manufacturer. When shopping for metallic fabrics, it's a good idea to carefully read the fabric content and description to understand the specific type of metallic finish or effect that the fabric offers.

Zelouf slinky knit with all over foil fabric

Zelouf Slinky Knit with All Over Foil in Blush/Silver

What are some trendy pieces to DIY with metallic fabrics? 

Sewing with metallic fabrics can result in stunning and eye-catching fashion pieces. Here are some fashionable items you can consider sewing at home using metallic fabrics:

  • Cocktail Dress: Create a glamorous cocktail dress with a metallic sheen for a special event or night out. The metallic fabric will catch the light and make you stand out.

  • Skirt: Sew a metallic A-line or pencil skirt that can be dressed up or down. A metallic skirt can add a touch of shimmer to your everyday wardrobe or be a statement piece for a party.

  • Top or Blouse: Design a metallic blouse or top to pair with jeans or dressy pants. Experiment with different sleeve styles, necklines, and details to create a unique and stylish garment.

  • Jumpsuit: A metallic jumpsuit can make a bold fashion statement. Choose a metallic fabric in a sleek design for a chic and modern look.

  • Jacket or Blazer: Sew a metallic jacket or blazer to add a touch of sophistication to your outfits. This piece can easily transition from daytime to evening wear.

  • Accessories: Create metallic accessories such as clutches, headbands, belts, or scarves. These smaller pieces can add a pop of shine to your ensemble without being overpowering.

  • Pants or Trousers: Sew metallic pants or trousers for a trendy and stylish addition to your wardrobe. Choose a flattering silhouette, such as wide-leg or cropped, to showcase the fabric's shimmer.

  • Wrap Dress: A metallic wrap dress can be both elegant and versatile. The wrap design flatters various body types and can be worn for different occasions.

  • Crop Top: Design a metallic crop top that you can pair with high-waisted skirts, pants, or shorts. This can be a fun and bold addition to your summer wardrobe.

  • Evening Gown: Sew a show-stopping metallic evening gown for formal events or special occasions. Experiment with draping and silhouette to create a truly unique and breathtaking piece.

Remember to choose a metallic fabric that aligns with your personal style and comfort. Additionally, consider incorporating other fabrics or textures to balance out the metallic shine and create a well-rounded and fashionable garment. Always make sure to use appropriate sewing techniques and tools when working with metallic fabrics to achieve professional and polished results.

Where can I buy metallic fabrics by the yard? 

At Zelouf Fabrics we have thousands of metallic fabrics available for purchase by the yard. Shop metallic knits, sequins, and so much more on our online store.

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