The Fabrics of Balletcore

Balletcore is a popular fashion trend seen all over the runways and in street style this season. This aesthetic is all about incorporating the elegance and grace of ballet into your everyday fashion using soft, feminine silhouettes, and a color palette of pastel shades and neutrals. Let’s explore the fabrics that are commonly used to create a ballet-inspired look.

The Fabrics of Balletcore, Tulle


Tulle is one of the most popular fabrics for creating a ballet-core look because of its lightweight, voluminous texture reminiscent of a ballet tutu. Tulle is often used in skirts and dresses and can be layered over other fabrics to create a multi-dimensional effect. Soft shades of pink, white, and beige are popular colors for tulle in ballet-core outfits. For a unique twist on the trend, opt for a tulle top!

The Fabrics of Balletcore, Satin


With its luxurious texture and smooth, shiny finish, satin is another fabric that is commonly used in ballet-core fashion. This material adds a touch of elegance to any outfit. Layer a satin slip dress or wrap skirt over a soft, pastel leotard and you will instantly look rehearsal-ready.

The Fabrics of Balletcore, Chiffon


Chiffon creates a sheer, flowy effect that resembles the movement of a ballerina's skirt. It adds a subtle texture, and it can be layered over other fabrics to create an intricate silhouette. 

Fabrics of Balletcore, Lace


Delicate and feminine, lace can be used to create intricate designs that resemble the details of a ballet costume. Try a lace-trimmed skirt or top for a feminine touch, or even lace accessories like bows, headbands, or gloves.

Fabrics of Balletcore, Velvet


Be as chic and polished as a principal dancer by wearing velvet, a luxurious and soft fabric that can add a touch of warmth. A velvet bolero, leotard, or even a pair of leggings can be the perfect addition to any ballet-core ensemble, especially while the weather is still warming up. 

Each of these fabrics can be combined and layered to create a soft, feminine aesthetic that is both elegant and comfortable. Whether you're dressing up for a special occasion or just want to add a touch of grace to your everyday style, ballet-core is a beautiful and versatile trend that will surely keep your outfits “en pointe.”

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