Wholesale Fabric vs retail fabric


Buying fabric can be done one of two ways: either from a wholesale fabric supplier or from a retail fabric source. Here at Zelouf International we offer both methods as we are an online fabric store and online fabric wholesaler.

We can fulfill your needs should you need one yard or one hundred thousand yards.

What is the Difference Between Wholesale Fabric and Retail Fabric?

The key difference between the two is quantity and pricing. Those who are buying small yardages go the retail route. These purchases deal with fabrics that are in stock and ready to ship immediately. Hence, the benefit to retail purchase is availability and timing.

On the other hand, those who are buying large yardage purchases are going to go the wholesale route. The major benefit here is lower pricing due to what is known as “quantity discounts” available on our website. In some cases, we may have large quantities in stock available to ship immediately. However, there may be times that we do not have large quantities available.

How Does Buying Retail Fabric Work?

As mentioned above, we are an online fabric store and can ship fabric orders immediately should we have the fabric yardage available in stock.

Retail customers can buy fabric directly from our website in the product sections. Available yardage will be present on the product pages. Retail customers can buy fabric by the yard. This fabric will be shipped directly from our website.

difference between wholesale and retail fabric

Zelouf’s Online Retail Fabric Store

Buying retail fabric from Zelouf’s online fabric store is valuable due to the product breadth and large availability of different fabric styles that we offer.

Our company has been a leader in the New York wholesale fabric industry for over 35 years. Thus, through the years, we have amassed a large library of fabrics ranging from many different categories.

Moreover, our fabric styles are at the forefront of trends. This is because our accomplished and talented design team creates such styles on a seasonal basis consistently for our fabric lines working hand in hand with numerous dress manufactures across the industry and traveling around the world to capture the most trend-setting fabrics.

Our fabric library contains endless collections of fabric styles in every category and we are also stocked with a large array of colors in each style.

How Does Buying Wholesale Fabric Work?

As mentioned above, those buying large quantities should go the wholesale route. Typically, garment manufacturers or designers producing numerous dresses fall into this category.

Zelouf has been servicing customers in this category for over 35 years. Such customers will either buy from our made to order fabric line or from items that we have large quantities available in stock.

How Does Zelouf’s Made-to-Order Fabric Line Work?

Wholesale fabric buyers fall into two categories: those who are manufacturing their garments in the USA and those who are producing their garments overseas. We can service both those buyers as we can import made to order fabric for domestic garment manufacturers. We also ship made to order fabric inter-Asia to garment manufacturing facilities. For example, many of our fabrics are manufactured in China and then shipped to our customer’s garment factories in China, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, India, etc.

This type of order is referred to as a bulk or production order.

This process works many ways. Customers can contact our company, get set up with an account, and look to our website to process an immediate wholesale purchase.

On the other hand, buyers can also work through our line, buy fabric sample yardage from previous fabric lines or the most recent fabric line, and then put in a production order.

What Lead Time Can I Expect on Wholesale Orders?

Production fabric orders will be subject to 4-6-week lead times when shipped inter-Asia. This is because such fabric yardage will need to be manufactured and shipped. Lead times will be about 8-10 weeks when fabric is being imported from Asia into the USA.


Customization is one of the major benefits of buying from our production. Regardless of whether it is a print, solid, or novelty fabric, any of our styles can be customized and tailored to how you want. We can change any color or design to how it best fits your collection. Please contact zelouffabrics@gmail.com with any questions you might have regarding setting up a wholesale account and designing custom yardage.

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