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The Barbie movie is taking the world by storm, but it’s not just Greta Gerwig’s directing that’s making headlines. The film’s brilliant costumes – from candy pink dresses to sparkly disco jumpsuits – are all over the internet, and with a little creativity, they can be yours, too! Here are 11 affordable fabrics you can use to create your own Barbie movie outfit at home.

1. Barbie's Baby Pink Gingham Dress 

Barbie pink gingham dress fabric make your own Zelouf fabricsWarner Bros. Studios

One of the most talked about outfits from the film is this stunning pink gingham fabric used in one of Barbie's dresses. This dress is a delightful blend of elegance and playfulness, perfectly embodying Barbie's iconic style.

Get the look: Zelouf Plaid Print on Satin Back in Fuchsia

plaid print fabric barbie movie outfit zelouf fabrics

To make your own plaid Barbie dress at home, we recommend Zelouf Plaid Print on Satin in Fuchsia. This fabric is made from a soft and luxurious satin, adding a touch of glamour to Barbie's outfit. 

2. Barbie's Hot Pink Cowgirl Outfit

Barbie pink cowgirl outfit fabric make your own Zelouf fabrics

Warner Bros. Studios

Barbie's hot pink cowgirl outfit with studded lapel and lace up pants has been trending online since before the movie's trailer even aired. Ever since the production photos originally leaked, we've been wanting to get our hands on a look just like this. 

Get the look: Zelouf Heavy Laguna Scuba in Modern Coral

heavy laguna scuba fabric zelouf fabrics

This heavy scuba fabric is designed for any condition. The thick and durable fabric offers superior protection and increased longevity, while the lightweight and breathable design keeps you comfortable and cool in any environment. Great for any adventure.

3. Barbie’s Seaside Nautical Look

Barbie movie striped beach outfit fabric make your own Zelouf fabrics
Warner Bros. Studios
Barbie's blue and white collared halter top exudes a fresh and summery style, reminiscent of a seaside vacation. Paired with white shorts, the outfit is a perfect combination of casual and chic, ideal for strolling along the beach or enjoying a sunny day by the sea. The halter top adds a touch of sophistication with its collar, while the blue and white color scheme adds a nautical flair, making Barbie look effortlessly elegant and ready for seaside adventures.

Get the look: Zelouf Biadere Stripe on Yoryu in White & Ice Blue

biadere stripe on yoryu

Yoryu fabric is a lightweight, sheer material that has a slightly crinkled texture similar to chiffon. It is often made from polyester or silk, and is known for its flowy and delicate appearance. Yoryu fabric is commonly used in the creation of blouses, dresses, and scarves, and may feature patterns like florals or stripes.

4. Mermaid Barbie’s Shiny Swimsuit

Dua Lipa Barbie Movie outfit fabric make your own Zelouf fabrics
Warner Bros. Studios
Mermaid Barbie's blue iridescent bikini top and fins are a mesmerizing and enchanting aquatic ensemble. The bikini top shimmers with iridescent hues, reflecting the colors of the sea, and perfectly complements her mermaid tail. The fins are elegantly designed, providing a magical touch to Barbie's underwater adventures as she glides through the depths of the ocean with grace and beauty.

5. Those Pink Barbie JumpsuitsBarbie movie pink jumpsuit fabric make your own Zelouf fabrics

Warner Bros. Studios

The Barbie Movie's work jumpsuits are chic and practical outfits that exude a modern and empowered vibe. The jumpsuits are loose-fitting with a comfortable silhouette, featuring straight, wide legs for ease of movement. The pink color adds a touch of femininity and fun to the workwear attire, making it a stylish choice for a confident and fashion-forward woman on a mission. 

Get the look: Zelouf Cotton Blend Broadcloth in Pink 

6. Barbie & Ken's Neon 90s Beachwear 

Barbie movie neon workout outfit make your own Zelouf fabrics
Warner Bros. Studios
Barbie and Ken's neon 90s workout ensembles are a vibrant and energetic homage to the fitness craze of the decade. Barbie sports a bright leotard with matching high-waisted shorts, while Ken rocks a bold pink t-shirt with a colorful geometric vest and coordinating shorts. These eye-catching outfits perfectly capture the nostalgic spirit of the 90s and are ideal for catching looks at Venice Beach.

7. Barbie's Sequin Disco Jumpsuit 

Barbie movie disco jumpsuit outfit fabric make your own Zelouf fabrics
Warner Bros. Studios
Barbie's sequined disco jumpsuit is a dazzling and glamorous outfit that epitomizes the vibrant style of the disco era. The jumpsuit features an all-over sequin design that catches the light and creates a sparkling effect on the dance floor. With its flared legs and form-fitting silhouette, this jumpsuit exudes confidence and flair, making it a standout choice for a night of dancing and fun. 

Get the look: Zelouf All Over Sequin on Web Tulle in Amethyst

all over sequin tulle in amethyst

Tulle fabric is a type of lightweight and sheer material made from nylon, silk, or other synthetic fibers. It has a fine mesh or net-like structure and is often used for creating full skirts, veils, and other decorative accents in clothing. Tulle fabric comes in a range of colors and may be adorned with various embellishments like embroidery, sequins, and beads. 

8. Barbie's Blue Striped Dress

Barbie movie blue striped dress outfit fabric make your own Zelouf fabrics
Warner Bros. Studios
Barbie's white and blue striped 1950s party dress is a timeless and elegant ensemble, reminiscent of the classic retro fashion era. The dress showcases a flattering fit-and-flare silhouette with a fitted bodice and a flared skirt, evoking a sense of nostalgia and femininity. The white and blue stripes add a touch of vintage charm, making it a perfect choice for a sophisticated party or special occasion.

9. Barbie and Ken’s Pink and White Striped Shirts

Barbie movie pink and white striped tops outfit fabric make your own Zelouf fabrics
Warner Bros. Studios
Barbie and Ken's pastel pink and white boat t-shirts create a delightful and coordinated look for a day of sailing or beachside adventures. The shirts feature a nautical-inspired design with charming boat graphics, capturing the essence of a carefree coastal lifestyle. The pastel colors add a touch of sweetness to their outfits, reflecting the couple's chic and harmonious fashion sense.

10. Ken's Striped Beach Set

Barbie movie Ken Striped beach outfit fabric make your own Zelouf fabrics
Warner Bros. Studios
Ken's pastel beach shirt and shorts set is his most charming and relaxed ensemble, perfect for a day at the beach. The shirt is striped with soft pastel colors, exuding a laid-back and summery vibe. Paired with comfortable shorts, it epitomizes Ken's boyish effortlessness and stylish approach to leisure wear.

Get the look: Zelouf Stripe Print on Shantung in Peri Party

zelouf fabrics stripe print on shantung

Shantung fabric is a type of silk-like material with a slightly raised texture. It has a crisp feel and is often used for formal clothing like dresses and suits. Shantung fabric has a subtle sheen and a medium weight, and may come in a range of solid colors or be printed with patterns.

11. The Original Barbie's Striped Swimsuit

Barbie movie black and white striped swimsuit fabric make your own Zelouf fabrics
Warner Bros. Studios
Barbie's iconic black and white striped swimsuit features a classic design with thin horizontal stripes running across the fabric. The swimsuit has a timeless appeal, symbolizing both sophistication and fun, making it a beloved and recognizable part of Barbie's signature style for decades. Its enduring popularity has solidified it as an essential representation of Barbie's fashion legacy.

Get the look: Zelouf 3/4 Stripe Print With Clear Square Transfer in Navy/White

navy and white stripe print fabric zelouf fabrics

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