Julia Fox at NYFW S/S 2024

Photo: WWD 

Street style at New York Fashion Week is always a captivating showcase of cutting-edge fabric trends, reflecting the pulse of urban fashion. NYFW Spring/Summer 2024 was a vibrant celebration of how street style enthusiasts use unique textures and creative fabric combinations to express their individuality. Here are some of the fabric trends we spotted on the streets this season.

Snake Print

Snake print fabric made a bold statement in street style during NYFW, captivating fashion-forward individuals. Its exotic allure, combined with daring textures and colors, took center stage, embodying the fearless spirit of urban fashion. This trend showcased how snake print continues to reinvent itself as a staple in contemporary streetwear.

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Lace took the streets of fashion week by storm this season, adding a touch of romanticism to urban fashion. Whether in delicate dresses or edgy tops, lace added a feminine yet daring dimension to street style.

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Bold stripes were a ubiquitous choice in street style at NYFW, offering a timeless and versatile pattern for fashion enthusiasts. From classic monochrome lines to vibrant, colorful iterations, stripes lent a sense of sophistication any outfit.

nyfw stripes

Photo: WWD


Street style glittered with sequins, creating eye-catching ensembles that demanded attention. Whether adorning jackets, skirts, or accessories, sequins added a dash of glamor to the concrete runway.

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Paisley made a revival in street style, with its intricate, bohemian-inspired patterns. The distinctive paisley prints were spotted on blouses, scarves, and even pants, offering a touch of artistic flair to NYFW.


Chiffon pieces floated through the streets of NYFW, exuding elegance and grace. Flowing dresses, airy blouses, and diaphanous skirts showcased chiffon's ethereal beauty in urban fashion.

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The plush texture of velvet was a standout trend in street style, embracing the tactile richness of the season. Velvet jackets, trousers, and dresses brought opulence and a tactile allure to NYFW's urban landscape.

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Fall Florals 

Street style enthusiasts embraced fall florals, blending blossoms with autumnal hues. These prints adorned dresses, coats, and accessories, infusing the cityscape with a sense of natural beauty and warmth.

fall florals nyfw

Photo: WWD


Fringe swayed and danced through the streets, imparting movement and energy to NYFW's fashion scene. Whether on jackets, bags, or skirts, fringe added an element of playfulness and drama.

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Pleats offered a refined touch to street style, creating structured yet fluid silhouettes. Pleated skirts and trousers brought sophistication and a sense of movement to urban fashion.

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Ombré colors transitioned seamlessly in street style outfits, offering a captivating gradient effect. From dresses to hair accessories, ombré added a mesmerizing dimension to NYFW's fabric palette.

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