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In the heat of the summer, there are few things more comfortable than a flowing summer skirt. This year, you can beat the heat with a DIY project and sew your own skirt (or skirts!) using high-quality designer fabrics from Zelouf. From chiffon to cotton, and poplin to tulle, these are some of the best fabrics for summer skirts. 

cationic chiffon guava allure zelouf fabrics summer skirts

Cationic Chiffon in Guava Allure from Zelouf Fabrics


Chiffon fabric is an excellent choice for summer skirts due to its breathable nature and superior flowing quality. Its ethereal drape adds a sense of movement and a breezy feel to any skirt, and its lightweight texture allows for ease in layering. Chiffon fabric is also extremely versatile, and can be dressed up for evening wear or paired with a casual top for daytime. Wrinkle resistant and available in a wide array of colors, chiffon is a top fabric for summer skirts. 

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Also known for its breathability, cotton is an ideal fabric for summer skirts. With exceptional moisture absorption and comfort, the natural fibers allow air to circulate and keep your body cool on hot days. Soft and lightweight, cotton allows for easy movement. Cotton is also versatile, available in many styles and patterns, and is easy to care for, making it a practical and functional choice for summer skirts.  

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Delicate and sheer, lace is an excellent choice for a stylish and elegant summer skirt. The openwork design of lace allows for air flow, and the sheer quality adds a feminine touch. For occasions that call for sophistication and comfort, lace is a fantastic choice. Consider layering lace over a lining for a versatile maxi or midi skirt. 

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Mesh is one of the best options for creating a trendy summer skirt. The open and porous structure of mesh allows for maximum airflow and breathability, keeping the body cool and comfortable in hot weather. The fabric's ability to wick away moisture also helps to prevent sweat buildup, further enhancing its cooling properties. Mesh skirts have a modern, sporty aesthetic, with the sheer fabric adding a bit of allure and allowing for creative layering options. Its durability and quick-drying nature also make mesh skirts ideal for summer activities like beach outings. 

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Organza fabric stands out as an exceptional choice for summer skirts, with a blend of qualities that captivate both style-conscious fashionistas and practical sewists alike. Its ethereal transparency and weightless composition evoke a sense of sunkissed enchantment and refined elegance. Organza fabric reflects light for an iridescent glow perfect for summer fashion enthusiasts, and with its stuning shimmer and graceful drape, organza effortlessly elevates any ensemble. Seamlessly blending timeless charm with seasonal trends, organza skirts embody the essence of summer, making them a stunning choice for summer skirts. 

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Poplin fabric is an excellent choice for crafting your own summer skirt, as it offers a winning combination of durability, comfort, and versatility. Its tightly woven structure gives poplin fabric remarkable strength and resistance to wear, ensuring your skirt stands the test of time. With its smooth texture and lightweight nature, poplin fabric feels delightfully soft against the skin, providing breathability and ease of movement in the summer heat. Poplin comes in a variety of colors and blends, allowing for endless creative possibilities, making poplin the ideal canvas for showcasing your personal style in a summer skirt. 

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Satin maxi and midi skirts have remained a trend for the past several summers, and it’s no secret why. With its smooth and lustrous surface, satin exudes an elegant sheen that elevates any outfit. Its lightweight and breathable nature keeps the body cool in the summer heat, while its soft and draping quality offers comfort and ease of movement. Satin's ability to resist wrinkling ensures a polished look throughout the day. Overall, satin's combination of glamour, comfort, and versatility make it a favored fabric for summer skirts.

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Tulle’s lightweight and airy composition make it a perfect choice for warm weather. The sheer nature of tulle allows air to circulate freely, ensuring breathability and preventing overheating. Its delicate and ethereal appearance adds a touch of whimsy and femininity to summer outfits, and the voluminous and layered structure of tulle creates a sense of movement and playfulness. Whether in a full skirt or as an overlay, tulle can add a touch of elegance and drama to any ensemble. 

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With its supreme comfort and style, yoryu fabric is a great choice for summer skirts. The lightweight and breathable nature of yoryu fabric allows for excellent air circulation, ensuring a cool and pleasant experience even in hot weather. Yoryu fabric can have crinkled or pleated texture, adding a relaxed and carefree look that is perfect for summer fashion. Yoryu fabric also has a soft and smooth feel against the skin, providing comfort throughout the day. Yoryu fabric's resilience and wrinkle-resistant nature make it a practical choice, allowing for easy maintenance and the ability to stay crease-free even during extended wear. 

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peach skin yoryu fabric zelouf fabrics summer skirts

Peach Skin Yoryu fabric from Zelouf Fabrics

Selecting the right fabric for your summer skirts is essential for achieving both style and comfort. These are just some of the many options you can choose from, and by considering these fabric choices, you can create summer skirts that not only keep you cool and comfortable but also make a fashion statement. With the right fabric, you can craft the perfect summer skirt at home and embrace the sunny season with style.

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