A new season means it is time to revamp your wardrobe with the freshest prints for summer and if you are looking to keep up with the latest fashion trends, summer prints are forecasted to be the fabric of the season. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at why these printed fabrics are a must-have during the warmer months. From exotic tropical prints to feminine florals, get ready to infuse your style with the essence of summer and discover how these dynamic prints can transform your look.  

Tropical Patterns 

Nothing screams an exotic summer getaway quite like tropical prints. From palm trees, green banana leaves, hibiscus blooms, and zesty summer fruits, these patterns are so bold and colorful that they radiate summer energy everywhere you go. Tropical prints can be very bold, which makes them the perfect fabric for statement pieces to complement any ensemble. A tropical printed bag, neck scarf, accessories, or clothing article mixed in with more neutral apparel is a great way to channel a beach paradise look.

ZS1905C PRINT MAROCAIN  | 54295-7459DP  - Zelouf FabricsZS1905C PRINT MAROCAIN | 54295-7459DP

Floral Prints

Featuring botanical elements and natural motifs, floral prints are one of the best ways to encapsulate the summer season with an elegant undertone. These types of printed fabrics are also very versatile and can easily adapt to any style, whether it be bohemian, girly, or edgy. If an outfit needs a feminine twist, integrating floral printed flowy sundresses, dainty blouses, or breezy skirts to your wardrobe adds that feminine touch it may be lacking.

TROPICAL HORIZON ON ITY  | 50063-1181  - Zelouf FabricsTROPICAL HORIZON ON ITY | 50063-1181

Nautical Stripes

Summer and the sea seamlessly blend to capture the pure elegance of coastal chic living. Evoking the timeless allure of summer by the sea, these crisp lines lend a sense of effortless sophistication to any look. Whether crafting a staple beach bag, a pair of relaxed-fit pants, or a stylish striped dress, nautical stripes ensure you're ready to embrace the sun-kissed days in style. 

PUCKER YARN-DYE KNIT STRIPE  | 3669  - Zelouf Fabrics


Vibrant Color

Colorful fabric is quintessential during the summer season, the vibrant pops of color are sure to ignite the excitement for the upcoming warmer months. From electric blues to sun-drenched yellows and tropical pinks, colorful fabrics infuse every look with a sense of joy and vitality. If looking to add more color to your life, the vibrant colored fabrics are perfect for mixing and matching with more toned-down hues. These types of fabrics are great for crafting statement pieces, long summer dresses, or unique beach bags.
ZS1911UU PRINT HI MULTI CHIFFON  | 54689-835  - Zelouf Fabrics


If you don't want to fall behind on the latest summer fabric trends, shop our seasonal patterns collection with an extensive selection of prints and colors to choose from.  

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