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Who isn't charmed by eyelet fabric? There’s just about nothing more delicate and feminine than a summery eyelet dress. This breathable fabric is embellished with embroidered holes in intricate patterns, and can be used on just about any type of clothing, from babydoll dresses to the hems of skirts. Learn all about this timeless style in our guide to eyelet fabric. 

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What is eyelet fabric?

Eyelet fabric is characterized by small patterned cut-outs that are typically finished with embroidered stitches throughout the body of the fabric. Eyelet often features a decorative selvage, making it perfect for creating hems, sleeves, and necklines.

Why is it called eyelet fabric?  

The word comes from the Old French oeillet, the diminutive of oeil, "eye," or literally "little eye." The Latin root is oculus, "eye." 

What is the history of eyelet fabric? 

The eyelet, or broderie anglaise, is a technique that originates from 16th-century Europe. Presumed to be from the Czech Republic, its popularity grew during the Victorian era as a trim on dresses and underwear. 

stella eyelet embroidery striped voile fabric zelouf fabrics

Zelouf Fabrics Stella Eyelet Embroidery Striped Voile in White

What are some uses for eyelet fabric? 

Eyelet fabric is commonly associated with feminine and romantic styles, and can be very versatile in fashion. Here are some popular pieces that can be made out of eyelet fabric:

Dresses: Eyelet fabric is often used to create charming and delicate dresses. A flowing maxi dress or a sundress with eyelet details can be perfect for a summery and feminine look. The eyelet cut-outs add visual interest and a touch of whimsy to the garment.

Tops and Blouses: Eyelet fabric can be used to make stylish tops and blouses, like a breezy eyelet blouse to paired with jeans. An eyelet shirt can make for a casual yet elegant outfit, and eyelet details on the sleeves, neckline, or back of a top can create a beautiful focal point.

Skirts: Eyelet fabric can be used to make skirts that exude a romantic and vintage-inspired vibe. A-line skirts, pleated skirts, or even layered eyelet skirts can be flattering and feminine. They can be worn with a simple blouse or paired with a denim jacket for a more casual look.

Shorts: Eyelet fabric shorts can be a chic and trendy addition to your summer wardrobe. Eyelet shorts offer a stylish alternative to traditional denim shorts and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. Pair them with a tucked-in blouse or a casual t-shirt for a fashionable outfit.

Accessories & embellishments: Eyelet fabric can also be used for smaller fashion accessories. For example, eyelet fabric can be used to create belts, headbands, or even delicate scarves. These accessories can add a touch of femininity and texture to your overall look. For just a touch of femininity, consider adding an eyelet trim to any garment or accessory.

Remember that eyelet fabric tends to be semi-sheer, so you may need to consider layering or adding a lining to maintain modesty if necessary. The versatility and delicate nature of eyelet fabric make it a popular choice for creating feminine and romantic fashion pieces that are perfect for warmer weather or special occasions.

Can you wear eyelet year round?

While eyelet is a popular fabric for spring and summer, you can definitely find ways to wear it year round! To incorporate eyelet in fall or winter pieces, consider darker colors like brown and black, or festive seasonal colors like orange or red. 

Pairing textures can also be a playful way to style eyelet in colder months. Try styling an eyelet dress with a leather jacket, or an eyelet skirt with a warm, fuzzy sweater. 

Our favorite eyelet fabrics 

rachel stretch eyelet knit zelouf fabrics

Zelouf Rachel Stretch Eyelet Knit in Perfect Peri

Rachel Stretch Eyelet Knit 

Zelouf Rachel Stretch Eyelet Knit fabric offers a versatile look and a comfortable fit. Its delicate eyelet-patterned knit fabric allows for maximum breathability and its stretchy texture provides a relaxed yet stylish silhouette. This fabric comes in a variety of colors and is made from a lightweight poly-spandex blend fabric, providing durability and strength with every wear.

Stella Eyelet Embroidery Stripe Voile 

This voile fabric displays eyelet embroidery for an elegant, textural look. The thin stripes add a subtle yet eye-catching detail to a variety of garments, making it perfect for crafting with a classic yet modern feel.

Oscar Print Eyelet Knit 

Our Oscar Print Eyelet Knit fabric is the perfect choice for stylish yet comfortable styling. The classic eyelet embellishment adds a subtle texture and depth, and the contrasting floral pattern is sure to turn heads. This soft fabric has a bit of stretch and is perfect for all-day wear.

Moon Eyelet Stretch Lace 

Zelouf Moon Eyelet Stretch Lace is perfect for creating delicate and lightweight finished garments and accessories. The eyelet fabric is stretchy and can be used to create both focal and accent details. Its subtle texture makes it ideal for adding interesting design touches to garments.

For tips for working with lace fabric visit our helpful guide.

Camila Knit Eyelet

camila eyelet knit in luminous almond zelouf fabrics

Zelouf Camila Eyelet Knit in Luminous Almond

Zelouf Camila Knit Eyelet fabric features a delicate eyelet pattern, perfect for a timeless, elegant look. The airy fabric is lightweight and comfortable, making it a great choice for warm summer days. With the Camila Knit Eyelet, you can experience the perfect balance of beauty and comfort.

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