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When shopping for fabric for your home sewing project, you might come across the acronym “ITY” which stands for Interlock Twist Yarn. This type of knit fabric is often preferred for its stretchy, comfortable fit and double knit surface. It’s also incredibly versatile! Read more to learn about ITY fabric in our helpful guide. 

What is ITY Fabric

ITY stands for "Interlock Twist Yarn," which refers to a type of knit fabric commonly used in clothing and apparel. ITY fabric is made from a blend of polyester and spandex fibers, which gives it a stretchy and comfortable quality. The interlock twist yarn construction creates a smooth and double-knit surface, often with a slight sheen.

ITY fabric is known for its drape, wrinkle resistance, and versatility. It is often used for creating dresses, tops, skirts, leggings, and other garments that require both stretch and a polished appearance. The fabric is breathable, easy to care for, and generally holds its shape well over time. It's a popular choice for both casual and more formal wear due to its combination of comfort and elegance.

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Zelouf Heavy Weight ITY Jersey Knit in Vintage Sage

Is ITY polyester? 

Yes, ITY fabric is primarily made from polyester fibers. The term "ITY" stands for "Interlock Twist Yarn," which refers to the construction of the fabric rather than the specific fiber content. ITY fabric is commonly composed of a blend of polyester and spandex (or elastane) fibers. The polyester content provides durability, wrinkle resistance, and a smooth finish, while the spandex content gives the fabric its stretch and flexibility. This blend of fibers makes ITY fabric comfortable, versatile, and well-suited for a variety of clothing applications.

What is the difference between ITY and DTY? 

ITY (Interlock Twist Yarn) and DTY (Drawn Textured Yarn) are both types of knit fabrics commonly used in the textile industry, but they have distinct characteristics in terms of construction, texture, and appearance.

ITY (Interlock Twist Yarn) Fabric:

  • ITY fabric is a type of knit fabric known for its smooth, double-knit surface and stretchy nature.
  • It is typically made from a blend of polyester and spandex fibers, although other fiber blends can also be used.
  • The fabric is constructed using a circular knitting process that creates a series of interlocking loops, resulting in a stable and durable fabric.
  • ITY fabric has a slightly shiny or glossy appearance due to the polyester fibers.
  • It drapes well, resists wrinkles, and is often used for creating dresses, tops, skirts, and other garments that require both comfort and a polished look.

DTY (Drawn Textured Yarn) Fabric:

  • DTY fabric is made from textured polyester fibers that have been stretched, set, and heat-treated to achieve their textured appearance.
  • The texture of DTY fabric gives it a more natural and varied appearance compared to the smoother surface of ITY fabric.
  • DTY fabrics are often used to create garments with a more relaxed or casual aesthetic.
  • DTY fabric can also include spandex or other fibers to provide stretch and flexibility, but the emphasis is on the textured feel and appearance.
  • DTY fabric is commonly used for creating activewear, loungewear, and other casual garments.

In summary, while both ITY and DTY fabrics are made from polyester fibers and can include stretch elements, they differ in terms of their surface texture, appearance, and the knitting or manufacturing processes used to create them. ITY fabrics are known for their smooth, slightly glossy appearance and are often used for more formal or polished garments, while DTY fabrics have a textured, more relaxed look and are frequently used for casual or comfortable clothing items.

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Zelouf Print on ITY Fabric in Black/White

What is ITY fabric used for? 

ITY (Interlock Twist Yarn) fabric is a versatile knit fabric that finds application in a wide range of clothing and apparel items due to its specific characteristics. Some common uses of ITY fabric include:

  • Dresses: ITY fabric's smooth and slightly shiny appearance, along with its comfortable stretch, make it a popular choice for creating dresses. It can be used for both casual and more formal dress styles.

  • Tops and Blouses: ITY fabric is often used to make tops and blouses due to its drape and comfortable fit. It can be used to create various necklines and sleeve styles.

  • Skirts: Skirts made from ITY fabric have a flattering drape and movement. The fabric's stretch ensures comfort while maintaining a polished look.

  • Leggings: The stretchiness of ITY fabric makes it suitable for creating leggings that are comfortable and easy to move in.

  • Jumpsuits and Rompers: ITY fabric can be used to create jumpsuits and rompers, providing a balance between style and comfort.

  • T-shirts: While ITY fabric is often associated with more formal clothing, it can also be used to make comfortable and slightly dressier t-shirts due to its draping qualities.

  • Evening Wear: ITY fabric's smooth surface and drape make it a suitable choice for evening dresses and gowns, adding elegance and comfort to formal attire.

  • Active and Athleisure Wear: Some ITY blends include spandex, which makes the fabric suitable for activewear like yoga pants, workout tops, and other athletic garments.

  • Travel Clothing: ITY fabric's wrinkle resistance makes it an ideal choice for travel clothing that needs to maintain a polished look after being packed.

  • Career Wear: ITY fabric can be used to create professional-looking blouses, skirts, and dresses suitable for office environments.

  • Special Occasion Clothing: Due to its versatility, ITY fabric can be used to create outfits for a variety of special occasions, such as weddings, parties, and formal events.

It's important to note that ITY fabric's characteristics can vary based on its fiber content, blend, and manufacturing techniques. This can influence its specific use and suitability for different types of clothing.

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