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The Zelouf Fiona Crepe is made from a high-quality crepe fabric. Offering a lightweight, breathable, and wrinkle-resistant finish, this fabric is ideal for any outfit. Guaranteed to make a fashion statement, it will add a polished and elegant touch to any design.


Contents: 100%POLY

Weight-Gr/Sqm: 204.00

Width: 60"

Country of origin: KOREA


Crepe Fabric for Making a Dress

What kind of fabric is crepe? Crepe textured fabric involves an intricate yarn twisting process called hard twisting, with tight twists in alternating directions. Its three-dimensional texture usually looks semi-matte from a distance. The textile works in a wide variety of applications, and is perfect for making light, airy crepe bridesmaid dresses or a crepe fabric wedding dress.


Is Crepe Fabric Like Cotton?

‘Crepe’ refers to a method of weaving fabric, while cotton is a type of fiber that fabric is woven from. Some crepe fabric is made of cotton and cotton blends.

Regular cotton doesn’t hold a sturdy shape as well as cotton crepe, due to the special hard twisting construction of the crepe weave. But cotton crepe has the benefit of a softer feel compared to crepe material made from other fibers.

Cotton crepe has an especially lightweight, flowy, and breathable feel, great for a crepe fabric wedding dress or crepe bridesmaid dresses. Plus, cotton crepe material tends to be made at a particularly high quality. Crepe fabric can be made from natural fibers like cotton, wool, and silk, or synthetics such as polyester. Crepe fabric is also referred to as ‘crepon,’ ‘crespe,’ ‘crisp,’ or ‘crape.’

How Does Crepe Fabric Feel?

Crepe’s feel depends on the type of fiber and the weave itself. For example, a silk crepe will feel incredibly smooth, while a denser polyester crepe may feel more grainy.

Since crepe can be made of any number of fibers, it comes in a diverse array of skins and textures. The texture can feel like anything from pebbles, ripples, and bubbles to puckers or crinkles. Some crepe fabric is exceptionally smooth, while other crepes can feel rough to the touch. For example, Victorian mourning gowns were crepe dresses with a stiffer, crinkly texture.

Going back to the ancient origins of crepe, it was originally made with silk. You could say that it’s more traditional for crepe to have a soft, smooth, rippling feel, as initially intended.

As far as fit, crepe material/fabric generally has a crisp yet flowy appearance. The medium, bouncy weight of a crepe fabric dress drapes effortlessly and beautifully across any body type. This makes for a flattering look and fit, and comfortable wear in both formal and informal contexts.

As a bridal fabric, an ethereal crepe fabric dress works best in cuts that accentuate the curves in fit-and-flare or sheath designs. Alternatively, many crepe dresses are sleek and simple.

Crepe Fabric Breathability

Is crepe fabric breathable? Since it’s generally rather thin and light, crepe fabric tends to be extraordinarily comfortable and breathable, even in warmer climates. But there are many different types of crepe to suit almost any need.

Some crepe is so lightweight, it’s almost sheer, allowing air to flow through garments generously to wick away sweat and moisture. Extremely lightweight crêpe textiles may offer too much ventilation for colder weather.

Crepe Fabric Care

First of all, you should understand what type of crepe texture fabric you’re dealing with. Is it silk crepe charmeuse, crepe de Chine or Canton crepe, natural or synthetic crepe georgette? Is it wool or polyester? Is it waxed Plissé crepe or crepe-back satin? This will determine the precise care and cleaning procedures for your garment.

With store-bought crepe products, the manufacturer’s care instructions will guide you in the right direction. But generally, crepe fabric should be dry cleaned. If you machine wash this material, it will likely shrink. However, certain crepe fabric does well after hand-washing in cold water and air drying while laid flat.
What is Crepe?

Crepe is a fabric with a crinkled or pebbled texture that is achieved through a special weaving process. It can be made from silk, wool, or synthetic fibers and is often used for dresses, blouses, and suits. Crepe drapes well and is favored for its durability and resistance to wrinkles. It comes in a range of weights and finishes and can be dyed in a variety of colors. Crepe is a popular choice for elegant and sophisticated garments.

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Care Instructions

Machine Wash, Cold; Gentle Detergent, Tumble Dry, Low Heat, No Bleach. Do not wring.