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TWIGGY KNIT PRINT | 11857-1905

TWIGGY KNIT PRINT | 11857-1905

$18.39 per yard

Color - 455 NAVY/GOLD
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Contents: 95% POLYESTER 5% SPANDEX

Weight-Gr/Sqm: 179.3985

Width: 58/60"

Country of origin: KOREA

Poly Knit Fabric has a soft hand and 2-way or 4-way stretch. It is wrinkle free and its stretch makes it comfortable to wear. These polyester fibers are so strong that your garment will be sure to last. Knit fabrics are made up of a single yarn, looped continuously to produce a braided look. Poly knit is perfect for a variety of garments such as dresses, t-shirts, bodycon garments or nightlife wear.  The strength of the fibers- some poly knits are very strong, however lighter weight ones such as matte jersey chiffon or bodre can be pulled apart more easily.

Botanical fabric print patterns bring the outside in with an array of vivid hues inspired by nature. This pattern is based on realistic representation of plants and herbs. These prints are great for warm summer days with beautiful ethereal looks in sheer fabrics. Great for special occasion dresses.

455 NAVY/GOLD | 11857-1905 - TWIGGY KNIT PRINT - Zelouf Fabrics 455 NAVY/GOLD | 11857-1905 - TWIGGY KNIT PRINT - Zelouf Fabrics

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