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Color - NAVY
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Contents: 100% POLYESTER

Weight-Gr/Sqm: 62.7895

Width: 46/48"

Country of origin: CHINA

Polyester Woven Fabrics are durable and wrinkle resistance. Created on a loom, woven fabrics are made of many threads woven on a warp and a weft. These fabrics are made by interlacing two or more threads at right angles to one another. Typically, these only stretch diagonally on the bias. However, some of our woven fabrics do have spandex and will offer more stretch as a result. Woven do not stretch as easily as knitted fabrics, which can make them advantageous for many uses.  These fabrics are perfect for a wide range of uses including jackets, suits, and various dress types.

Sequin Fabric is glamorous, and eye-catching. It has a glittery, sparkly effect, and can be made with or without stretch. Sequins come in many different forms such as paillettes, baby sequins, shaped, holographic, and iridescent. They add movement and shimmer to any garment. Stitched atop a mesh, knit or woven backing, sequins are perfect for bridal dresses, evening dresses, skirts, tops, pants, jumpsuits, and jackets.

An allover fabric pattern is a type of pattern layout with motifs that are close and evenly distributed, typically covering the entire fabric with little background visible. 

NAVY | 21131-1060 - WAVE LINE SEQUINS ON TULLE - Zelouf Fabrics NAVY | 21131-1060 - WAVE LINE SEQUINS ON TULLE - Zelouf Fabrics

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