A Diana Tribute by Ryan Jude Novelline


In 1987, Princess Diana wore an icy blue chiffon gown designed by Catherine Walker to the Cannes Film Festival. Inspired by Diana’s keen sense of fashion and aspirational legacy as a humanitarian, dressmaker Ryan Jude Novelline and content curator Rose Nora Anna collaborated to remake this iconic dress. Using Zelouf Fabrics, Ryan and Rose explore the sense of duty, dignity, and personal strength shown by the Princess of Wales.


A Diana Tribute by Ryan Jude Novelline


“This dress took me on a journey that I did not expect,” says Ryan of the project. Inspired by The Crown as well as Jacqueline Durran’s costume design in the 2021 film Spencer, Ryan had already been sketching the dress when he was introduced to Rose over Tik Tok. The two joined forces to recreate the look from head to toe, with Rose going as far as enlisting a professional hairstylist. Ryan spent months gathering materials, including this [material name/style/color] from Zelouf Fabrics, then constructed the gown by hand. As the two were collaborating remotely, Ryan was unable to conduct a proper fitting, adding an impressive layer to the stunning results.


A Diana Tribute by Ryan Jude Novelline


“I’m so amazed by how she managed this all,” Rose says on her Instagram, reflecting on her role as Diana. For the photo shoot, Rose scouted locations to find a setting resembling the Cannes red carpet. She posed sitting on the steps and in the seats of an empty theater to illustrate the loneliness the princess may have felt at such events. The result is a beautiful and mysterious set of photos that portray Diana’s strength and grace, even with the pressure of the whole world watching.

“God knows what went on in her life behind the scenes,” Rose continues. “Having such a life and still managing to glow and shine at every function and event. I have the deepest respect for this woman.”

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