Under The Sea With Mermaidcore

Mermaidcore is a fun, playful spring fashion trend that embraces the mystical world of deep-sea mermaids. Seen all over social media, in street style, and on the 2023 runways, these ocean-inspired looks often feature glamorous, delicate fabrics like sequins, mesh, satin, and lace, as well as sheer fabrics like tulle and chiffon that add an ethereal quality to the siren aesthetic. Combine and layer these materials to create a multidimensional effect that will add a touch of magic to your everyday style. Get the look with these picks from Zelouf.

Under The Sea With Mermaidcore, Sequins

Sparkles and shimmer provide an enchanting effect essential for that mermaid allure. For an iridescent look, pair blue, green, and purple sequins to create a top, skirt, or dress.

Under The Sea With Mermaidcore, Mesh

No mermaidcore outfit is complete without mesh, a see-through fabric that’s similar to fishnet. The texture is ideal for the construction of details like fins and scales, and can be layered with other fabrics for depth.

Under The Sea With Mermaidcore

Flowy fabrics like satin are often used in mermaidcore to create an under-the-sea effect. Soft and smooth, satin beautifully drapes to resemble the movement of a mermaid’s tail in water. It can also be dyed in a variety of colors to add an additional aquatic essence. 

Under The Sea With Mermaidcore, Tulle

Tulle is essential for mermaidcore looks, as its airy and voluminous texture can create otherworldly silhouettes. Construct into a dramatic bodice or add a fantasy element by layering into a flared gown. 

Under The Sea With Mermaidcore, Lace

Delicate and feminine, lace is the perfect fabric to add coral-like designs to garments like tops and dresses. Layer with other materials to create texture and dimension to your mermaidcore creation.

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