Chanice Hamilton attended “Into the Woods” junior prom in a custom, bespoke gown by TikTok designer Ryan Jude Novelline made of golden sequins donated by Zelouf Fabrics.

A Custom Sequined Prom Gown, Made With Zelouf
Photo by: Jeri Evan


Born and raised Brockton resident, Chanice Hamilton is a 17-year-old culinary student of Southeastern Technical Regional High School. She is highly motivated and pursuing big dreams for her future. What she loves most about cooking is that “I get to be myself and express myself in my shop”. Her close circle of friends were all excited to find dresses for their “Into the Woods” junior prom on April 14.

She follows popular TikTok dressmaker Ryan Jude Novelline, and, not expecting a reply, messaged him through Instagram requesting a fairytale dress commission. While getting ready for work the next day, she was “beyond shocked” to check her phone and find Novelline replied in agreement pending her mother’s permission. Her mother did agree.

Photo by:  Jeri Evan

Zelouf Fabrics then donated the 15 yards of golden sequin fabric to Novelline enabling him to gift her the dress for free. He spent seven consecutive days and nights cutting material on his carpeted Orlando studio floor and published process TikToks while working. The strapless, princess gown has a full volume skirt and asymmetrical bodice that was entirely hand-sewn. He also made her a one-of-a-kind pair of 24k gold leaf heels adorned with oversized heart rhinestones of Austrian crystal. Before anyone had even seen the finished dress, Novelline’s preview videos on social media had been viewed by nearly one million people. 

While most students get ready for prom only once, Chanice was tasked by getting ready some days before the dance for a private photoshoot in downtown Boston. The photographer, Jeri Evan, a MassArt graduate and creator of Thundercat’s iconic yellow tracksuit, directed the shoot. Styled by her mother Valerie Wigfall and make-up done by family friend Manula Andrade, Chanice posed and twirled on the steps of the Boston Public Library before a small, gathering crowd. And Chanice stunned everyone.


Photo by: Jeri Evan


Chanice believes “you only live once” and is willing to take the steps required to realize her dreams. She said preparing for the prom itself was stressful, but had an incredible time once she was there. And she received many compliments on her dress.

About Zelouf Fabrics 

Zelouf International is a Family owned and operated wholesaler and fabric converter headquartered in New York City. For more than 35 years, it has been a leading supplier of cost-efficient, quality fabrics delivered at high speeds. Garments made with Zelouf Fabrics can be found in Macy’s, Nordstrom, Lord & Taylor, discount chains such as T.J. Maxx, Target and Walmart, independent boutiques, major e-commerce platforms and many other retailers. | @zelouffabrics

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About Ryan Jude Novelline

Ryan Jude Novelline is a contemporary artist and fashion designer. His dresses have been modeled by Maisie Williams, Maria Ivakova, and Queen Astraea, among others. He has shown fashion in Boston, New York, Beijing, Singapore, and Cuba and been recognized by Vogue, ABCNews, CNN, HuffPost, NYMag, and a host of others. | @rjnovelline


Photo by: Jeri Evan

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