At the beginning of this month, Zelouf Fabrics threw a party in Atlanta. Sewists, friends, neighbors and shoppers came to Condesa Coffee on Sunday, May 1st and showed us a lovely time in their city. We couldn’t have imagined a lovelier celebration—we’re so grateful to everyone who joined us, and so excited for future pop-up events.


Zelouf IRL Atlanta

Here’s a little recap of the party:


We sipped and browsed. Hush Bar Collective mixed and served beautiful drinks with aplomb. We treated ourselves to peach and lavender-swirled cocktails and mocktails that perfectly paired with our late spring/early summer attire. Hush Bar Collective delivered the finest hospitality along with impeccable beverages and were quite nice company at the bar.

Zelouf Fabrics Event


We kicked back and vibed. DJ Esme kept the party going with seemingly endless excellent sets. We felt called to move along with the music, get to know new friends and relax on a Sunday afternoon in a cozy, chill environment. Thanks, DJ Esme—you really brought it!


We had snacks and nice chats. What’s could be better than making new friends over sweet treats? Wafel Wagen made Liege wafels for shoppers: we were over the moon for their Belgian desserts, which perfectly matched our vibe. Tasty bites alongside shimmery, energetic patterns and colors inspired both our socializing and future sewing projects. Wafel Wagen, y’all are the best.


We made memories and got to take them home. The wonderful Robot Booth team provided a photo booth for us to document cute looks and make souvenirs with old and new friends. We had so much fun posing together and alone. Now we’ll have those photos forever, hanging in our homes and workplaces—sweet memories of a lovely afternoon.


We sampled fabric and shopped, shopped, shopped! Our partying was against a backdrop of gorgeous fabric, in soft blues, bright reds, textures, colors and designs to satisfy the needs and imagination of so many innovative and talented sewists in attendance. We really enjoyed chatting with you about our deadstock, vintage offerings and their many applications. Y’all asked such great questions and were so curious and engaged in our many collections. We continue to be available on Instagram @ZeloufFabrics, via phone at 212-221-3131 and email at to answer any questions and receive your feedback.


Zelouf Event

Thank you for making this event so special—we’re so appreciative of the many guests in attendance, staff manning the turntables and treat tables and Condesa Coffee for sharing their beautiful space.


Where should Zelouf Fabrics host a pop-up shop next? Where would you like to come party with us? We can’t wait to meet you and would love to hear from you all! Get in touch by following and tagging us or commenting on Instagram: @ZeloufFabrics

And how can we show our appreciation to you? We’re open to suggestions and hope to make further connections with all you wonderful people.


Here’s to many more magical Sunday afternoons this summer. Until next time—cheers and love, from Zelouf Fabrics.

Zelouf Fabrics Event Atlanta

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