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What is soutache fabric?

Soutache refers to a narrow, flat decorative braid made of silk, cotton, or other materials. Soutache trim is often used in intricate and ornate designs, particularly in embroidery and embellishments on garments. Soutache fabric, therefore, refers to a type of fabric that incorporates these intricate soutache braids as a significant design element.

The fabric itself is not made entirely of soutache; rather, it's a textile onto which the soutache braids are sewn or embroidered, creating beautiful patterns, motifs, or raised designs. Typically, this technique involves arranging and stitching the soutache braids onto the fabric in various intricate patterns, often with beads, sequins, or other embellishments to enhance the overall decorative effect.

Soutache fabric is valued for its luxurious and intricate appearance. It's commonly used in high-end fashion and couture for creating stunning details on garments such as evening gowns, bridal wear, jackets, or accessories like handbags and shoes. The technique of working with soutache allows for intricate and elaborate designs that add texture, depth, and a sense of opulence to the fabric's surface.

Zelouf Mesh With Ribbon Soutache and Sequins

Are there different types of soutache fabric?

Soutache fabric typically refers to a base textile onto which soutache braids are applied to create intricate designs. However, variations in the base fabric, the type of soutache braid used, and the embellishments incorporated can result in different variations and styles within soutache work:

  1. Base Fabric Varieties:

    • Silk: Silk fabrics are often chosen for soutache work due to their luxurious feel and smooth surface, allowing the soutache braids to be intricately sewn or embroidered onto the fabric.
    • Cotton: Cotton fabrics, while not as luxurious as silk, are more affordable and still provide a suitable base for soutache embellishments.
    • Synthetics: Polyester or other synthetic fabrics might also be used, offering versatility and durability while being more budget-friendly.
  2. Types of Soutache Braids:

    • Silk Soutache: Traditional soutache braids are made of silk, providing a smooth and lustrous appearance, enhancing the overall elegance of the design.
    • Rayon or Synthetic Soutache: These alternatives to silk soutache braids can offer cost-effective options while still providing a similar appearance.
  3. Embellishments and Finishes:

    • Beadwork: Some soutache designs incorporate beads or pearls along with the braids, adding texture and dimension to the fabric.
    • Sequins or Crystals: These embellishments are often used to add sparkle and glamour to soutache designs, enhancing their visual appeal.
  4. Style and Application:

    • Traditional: Classic soutache work follows traditional patterns and designs, often seen in formal wear like wedding gowns or couture dresses.
    • Modern Interpretations: Contemporary designs may play with unconventional patterns, color combinations, or abstract arrangements of soutache braids to create more modern and edgy looks.

These variations in base fabrics, types of soutache braids, and embellishments used contribute to the diverse range of soutache fabric styles and applications, catering to different tastes, occasions, and design aesthetics within the realm of intricate textile embellishments.

Zelouf Cane Ribbon Soutache

Where can I buy soutache fabric?

At Zelouf Fabrics, we offer hundreds of soutache fabric varieties, available wholesale or by the yard. Explore the collection.

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