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How to Sew with Sequin Fabric

Sequin Fabric

Sequin fabric refers to fabric with all-over paillettes made of either plastic or metal sewn onto its face. These small pieces are typically rounded, but can come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They can be reversible or one-sided, and often make up more expensive and couture evening wear pieces such as pageant gowns, cocktail dresses, handbags, or even costumes. Sewing sequin fabric has often been a conundrum, especially for those less-experienced sewers. Shop here for a variety of sequin fabrics that can be used for everything from pillows to gowns. The tips and tricks below will help you get started on a glamorous sequin project without all the hassle!


  1. Keep in mind what you are looking for when shopping. Some sequin fabrics have stretch which is important when constructing garments such as a fitted midi skirt or bodycon dress, whereas you would not want stretch in a shift top or accent pillow. Fabric with a further-apart/ more spread out sequin design will be easier to sew if you are a novice, as opposed to an all-over sequin.

  2. Choose the correct needle - when sewing with sequin fabric, there are two methods. You can clear the stitching pathway by removing the sequins, or you can sew through them. Sewing through the sequins can be more difficult and potentially dangerous, but both are viable options. A longer, thinner needle and wider stitches are necessary for sewing through sequins. If working with a sequin knit, however, be sure to use a knit needle.

  3. Clear the sequins in the path of your stitches, or prepare to have some broken sequins. Most seamstresses suggest clearing the line of sequins where you plan to stitch for the cleanest looking results. You can do this by taking a seam ripper to the back of the fabric, or removing them one-by-one from the face.

  4. Don’t forget the lining! Because of the stitches holding the sequins onto the base fabric, the backing of sequin fabrics is almost always very itchy. This is why many cheaply-made sequin costumes are often unbearable for children to wear. Choose an appropriate lining and learn more about lining fabrics here.

  5. Have a trash can and vacuum nearby and ready for broken needles, sequins, and removed sequins. We promise you will thank us!

With these tips you are sure to have a glamorous sequin garment ready for your next collection or look! Shop our wide variety of sequin fabrics here.

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