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It’s no secret that red is the “it” color this season, with red ensembles and accessories popping up everywhere. From the runway to the beach, we’re seeing crimsons, corals and even neon reds as far as the eye can see. Don’t think red is your color? Think again! Here’s how you can incorporate a pop of red into your summer wardrobe. 

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1. Choose a shade of red that complements your skin tone 

The first step to pulling off red fabric or accessories is to select a shade of red that complements your skin tone. This involves considering the undertones of your skin and selecting a red hue that harmonizes with them. If you have...

  • Cool Undertones: Your skin may have hints of pink, red, or blue. Look for red fabrics with cool undertones as well, such as blue-based reds, burgundy, or deep raspberry shades. These cooler reds tend to complement cool undertones the best and create a flattering contrast.

  • Warm Undertones: Your skin may have hints of yellow, peach, or golden hues. Opt for warmer reds, such as orange-based reds, coral, or tomato reds. These warm reds tend to harmonize with warm undertones and enhance the natural warmth of the skin.

  • Neutral Undertones: You have the flexibility to wear both cool and warm red shades. You can experiment with a variety of reds, ranging from blue-based to orange-based, to find what suits you best. Neutral undertones provide versatility in choosing reds that work well with your skin.

  • Fairer Skin: Lighter and softer reds like strawberry red, light coral, or pinkish-red can complement your complexion. Avoid reds that are too dark or intense, as they may overpower your fair skin.

  • Medium Skin: Medium skin tones have more flexibility and can experiment with a wide range of reds. Warm reds like brick red, terracotta, or true red tend to complement medium skin tones. Cooler reds like cranberry or raspberry can also work well.

  • Darker Skin: You can carry off rich and intense reds beautifully. Look for deep reds like burgundy, wine, or mahogany, which create a striking contrast. Additionally, brighter reds like ruby red or cherry red can also be stunning on dark skin.

Remember that these are general guidelines, and personal preferences play an important role in choosing the shade of red that makes you feel confident and suits your style. Don’t be afraid to try on different shades of red fabric against your skin and observe how they enhance your complexion and overall look.

2. Style red with complementary colors 

To avoid feeling overwhelmed by red in your outfit, consider pairing red fabric with some complementary colors from your wardrobe. Here are some colors that commonly complement red:

  • Neutrals: Neutral colors like black, white, gray, and beige provide a balanced and classic look, allowing the red to take center stage while adding contrast and sophistication to the overall outfit.

  • Navy Blue: Navy blue creates a rich and elegant pairing with red fabric. The deep and subdued nature of navy in particular enhances the vibrancy of red while maintaining a refined and timeless aesthetic.

  • Pink: Lighter shades of pink, such as blush or pastel pink, can create a soft and feminine contrast with red. 

  • Metallics: Red and gold can create a regal and luxurious pairing. The warm and rich tones of gold complement the boldness of red, resulting in a glamorous look. Silver is another trendy color this season and contrasts beautifully with red. 

  • Purple: Purple, particularly deep shades like eggplant or burgundy, can create a rich and dramatic pairing with red.

  • Yellow: Yellow, especially vibrant or mustard shades, can create a bold and energetic pairing with red fabric. 

3. Consider red accessories 

Sometimes adding just a pop of red to an outfit will do the trick. If you want to incorporate red accessories, here are some examples you can consider:

  • Red Handbag: A red handbag instantly draws attention and adds a vibrant touch to any outfit. Whether it's a bold statement bag or a subtle red accent, it can elevate a neutral or monochromatic ensemble.

  • Red Shoes: Red shoes, whether they are heels, flats, sneakers, or sandals, can make a bold fashion statement. They add a vibrant and eye-catching element to your outfit, especially when paired with neutral or monochromatic clothing.

  • Red Scarf: A red scarf is a versatile accessory that can be worn in various ways. It adds a touch of color and warmth to your neck, and it can be draped over your shoulders or tied in creative knots for added style.

  • Red Belt: Adding a red belt to your outfit can create a focal point and cinch your waist, enhancing your silhouette. It can be worn with dresses, skirts, or pants to add a pop of color and define your waistline.

  • Red Jewelry: Red jewelry pieces like earrings, necklaces, bracelets, or rings can be elegant and eye-catching. They can add a subtle or bold touch of red depending on the design and size of the jewelry.

  • Red Hat: Wearing a red hat, such as a sun hat, beret, or fedora, adds a stylish and playful element to your outfit. It not only protects you from the sun but also adds a pop of color and personality.

  • Red Sunglasses: Red-tinted or red-framed sunglasses can add a trendy and fashionable touch to your look. They create a stylish and confident vibe while protecting your eyes from the sun.

  • Red Hair Accessories: If you have long hair, red hair accessories like headbands, scrunchies, or hairpins can be a fun way to incorporate red into your outfit. They add a playful and youthful touch. 

4. Make your own outfits and accessories with designer red fabrics 

adored red sequin lace fabric zelouf fabrics

Zelouf Adored Lace with Glitter Cut Scallops

Red Lace 

Red lace fabric can be seen all over the runways this year, from tops and bralettes, to skirts and even shorts. Zelouf Adored Lace with Glitter Cut Scallops in Brilliant Cherry is a fun and bold way to incorporate lace this summer, and the sequins add a bit of mermaid sparkle. 

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Red Chiffon 

Red chiffon fabric adds and ethereal and floating quality to any look. A red chiffon skirt or dress is both flattering and trendy for all seasons. Our Iridescent Chiffon in Firefly Tangerine is a beautiful, lightweight chiffon fabric featuring an iridescent finish. Unique and eye-catching, it’s perfect for those looking to stand out in the crowd.

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Red Organza 

Red organza is an unexpected statement-making fabric. Our Zelouf Organza in Special Fire Red is an eye-catching fabric with stunning texture. Its signature look is a combination of lightness and strength, while the delicate feel is a testament to its quality. 

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zelouf legacy organza fabric in special fire red

Zelouf Legacy Organza in Special Fire Red

Red Satin 

There are few things more sultry and luxurious than red satin fabric. Zelouf Classic Satin Charmeuse in Breezy Cerise is made from super soft and lightweight materials to ensure unparalleled comfort and glamor. It’s perfect for any season and occasion.

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Red Mesh

Your outfit can have both edge and breathability with a red mesh fabric. Our Stretch Power Mesh in Vibrant Red is an ultra-versatile fabric that provides superior comfort and unbeatable performance. Its elastic properties make it ideal for sportswear that moves with your body or an eye-catching going out look. 

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Red Scuba 

Scuba fabric is incredibly versatile for summer, and is sure to make a statement in red. Zelouf Scuba Knit comes in eight vibrant shades of red and is crafted with a luxurious and lightweight feel. It’s designed to offer great stretch and recovery and can be used for a wide variety of projects, from swimwear to bodycon dresses. 

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