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Summer Bight Fabrics

This summer’s hottest designer is Roy G. Biv—in other words, the colors of the rainbow! (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue…you get it…) Pop stars performing on late night television or captured in the pages of Elle and InStyle aren’t the only ones saying YES to their boldest fashion instincts. Summer brights are everywhere—we’re spotting them in the outfits of stylish cuties on city stoops, at barbeques with friends and in the Insta story-selfies of our crushes, even on nights in.

Summer brights call to mind fresh fruit, freezer pops, the most vibrant hothouse flowers and plants native to hot climates, a refreshing break from our sophisticated muted and darker-toned looks but never a break from our stylish, flattering personal aesthetics.

 Summer Brights

Zelouf Fabrics Highlights, Summer Brights.


Oriental Brocade

This fabric calls to mind the fancy, eclectic cushions decorating a Turkish café, a circus from the time of early cinema or soothing chilled fruit on a grown-up picnic table. It’s easy to imagine it as a retro suit or skirt suit, 90s-throwback handbag or bandana worn as a flirty accent in our hair, over our COVID masks or around a pocket book. This fabric, like most Zelouf Fabrics, is deadstock vintage—once it runs out, it’s gone. There’s something truly unique about having a custom garment made from such a beautiful, archival material. (And it’s reversible!)

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Tie-Dye Magic with Roller Glitter

Groovy prints are back—more than “back,” in this fashion cycle, they’re almost a neutral. Funky patterns and swirling colors have shifted from trendy to ultrapopular as “weird fashion” has proliferated among social media influencers on many platforms. The Zelouf Fabrics digital library holds many gems in a vast range of prints and colors—this tie-dye glitter number is one of our favorites. This material lends itself to dressier garments but it’s also perfectly suitable for flowy, casual get-ups. Consider mixing multiple colors together for a clashing-matching summer statement look.

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Ombre Crepe Black Satin

Summer brights don’t only have to come in warm tones—this coooool lime creation in crepe puts a light touch on workwear, formal attire and going out-fits. The ombre effect in this material creates a gorgeous illusion in simple garments—we’d consider making a long skirt, maybe a matching bandeau, bandanna top or box top blouse. Truly close to our hearts, we’ll be sad when this material sells out. But we can’t help ourselves: we must recommend it! It’s too cute, we hope sewists in the Zelouf Fabrics community turn it into something delicious that makes them feel good when they wear it out in the world.

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We love the youthful vibe and pops of color these fabrics offer sewists. This collection really is, however, super versatile and not-so-difficult to style widely and creatively. We can’t wait to see where your inspiration takes you—hit us up on Instagram @ZeloufFabrics to share your creations. We love hearing from you.

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